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Carpet Cleaning

A Little Introduction

Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning experts are skilled in removing the most difficult stains and dirt. In contrast to other companies, we don't only remove the surface! Our carpet cleaning service is thoroughly efficient, safe, and effective and at a price that is hard to beat.

We are proud to offer the same day carpet cleaning service* when you require professional carpet cleaning that will finish the job right for a price that doesn’t cost you a fortune.

In contrast to dry cleaning, Steam cleaning digs into the dirt to get rid of dirt, germs and smells.

Our products are pet-friendly, Eco-friendly, child-safe, and safe. We make use of biodegradable materials, providing a safe and clean space for your family and workplace.

You can rest assured that there aren’t any charges that aren’t disclosed, and what you’re quoted at the time of your arrival is the price you pay at the end of a Wizard Steam Carpet Clean. We have a variety of payment options such as VISA and MASTERCARD and a receipt that is issued right at the time of service.

We employ the most effective steam cleaning technique, Hot Water Extraction. Hot Water Extraction offers a thorough and deep clean, which does more than improving your carpet’s appearance, but it removes dirt and grime that has been trapped within the carpet fibers.

Using a Hot Water Extraction method combined with our latest technology cleans your carpet thoroughly. The forceful suction action in our vacuums pulls the water back in and away from the carpet fibers and speeds up the drying of carpets.

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