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Gilbert AZ Carpet Cleaning

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We offer a professional hybrid carpet cleaning. Beginning with pre-vacuuuuming, treating stains and spots and high steam cleaning. Then comes dry cleaning brushing and grooming, and post-spot removal.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Cleaning grout and tile brings your tiled space back to life by getting rid of challenging to reach scum, grime, and dirt. Because grout is porous over time, your tiled flooring will appear worn out even under normal usage. Impressions matter, and giving your flooring a new appearance will make a world of difference.

Gilbert AZ carpet cleaning, the process of cleaning grout and tile starts with a pre-cleaning product sprayed over the tiled area using a concentrated solution on the grout that is dirty. Our tile cleaners apply this with a powerful tile cleaner that lifts the grime leaves your floors tiled with an almost new look.

The perfect finish tip Our advice to customers is to allow the tiled area to be cleaned to dry naturally and offer cleaning suggestions based on your needs.

Tile grout could be a perfect breeding ground for dangerous diseases, especially in common areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Cleaning these areas professionally creates a healthier space.

We will ensure a healthy, clean, safe, and secure environment for your family, clients, or employees. You’ll enjoy top cleaning services, as well as highly affordable prices.

Carpet Cleaning

Our expert cleaning experts are skilled in removing the most difficult stains and dirt. In contrast to other companies, we don’t only remove the surface! Our carpet cleaning service is thoroughly efficient, safe, and effective and at a price that is hard to beat.

We are proud to offer the same day carpet cleaning service* when you require professional carpet cleaning that will finish the job right for a price that doesn’t cost you a fortune.

In contrast to dry cleaning, Steam cleaning digs into the dirt to get rid of dirt, germs and smells.

Our products are pet-friendly, Eco-friendly, child-safe, and safe. We make use of biodegradable materials, providing a safe and clean space for your family and workplace.

You can rest assured that there aren’t any charges that aren’t disclosed, and what you’re quoted at the time of your arrival is the price you pay at the end of a Wizard Steam Carpet Clean. We have a variety of payment options such as VISA and MASTERCARD and a receipt that is issued right at the time of service.

We employ the most effective steam cleaning technique, Hot Water Extraction. Hot Water Extraction offers a thorough and deep clean, which does more than improving your carpet’s appearance, but it removes dirt and grime that has been trapped within the carpet fibers.

Using a Hot Water Extraction method combined with our latest technology clean carpet in NJ thoroughly. The forceful suction action in our vacuums pulls the water back in and away from the carpet fibers and speeds up the drying of carpets.

Floor Stripping

We at Gilbert AZ carpet cleaning believe that stripping and waxing floors is essential in keeping your building clean and appealing. The areas that people frequent are more susceptible to grit and dirt, and this could make a floor that is otherwise gorgeous the appearance of leaving much to be wanted.

Full Strip, Wax and Complete
We will totally strip every inch of your VCT tile. Then, we will apply four to six coatings of CASTLEGUARD or Clarian 25 industrial-grade wax. By using high-quality stripping and waxing your flooring will stay beautiful, shiny and clean for many years to come.

Our waxing and floor stripping services are carried out with three easy steps. They include:

Stripping the floors: This is where we remove the wax’s top layer or any additional buildup. We’ll remove all the grime and dirt when we deny the feet, leaving the floors unfinished.
Sealant Once we’ve stripped floors, we have to seal the floor with a premium sealant. Then, we will polish the floor to the desired shine. The gloss finish and sealer will prolong the life on your VCT flooring, reducing scratches and marks and protecting against erosion and soil penetration.
The process of waxing The VCT finish on our floors gives your floors an intense, deep protective shine. It’s CASTLE GUARD industrial-grade; the applied wax will safeguard your feet and give them a new glow again.

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How We Works

Prevacuuming Of The Surface

Vacuuming the exterior of the carpets to remove dust and debris.

Pre-Treating Spots And Stains

Spots and stains will be pre-treated for the next step.

Dry-Cleaning Process

We then do our dry cleaning process to further clean your carpets.